Elon Musk’s The Unexciting Business is now accepting payments of different cryptocurrencies to order its handheld flamethrower and add-ons.

Buy a Flamethrower with Bitcoin or Ethereum from Elon Musk

The sub-heading earlier mentioned reads as insane as a person of Elon Musk’s tweets, but it’s solely legitimate. The solution webpages for Elon Musk’s The Unexciting Business have been up-to-date to consist of cryptocurrency symbol icons indicating that the likes of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Income, Litecoin, and Ethereum are accepted as types of payment. This is together with extra conventional signifies like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and PayPal.

The Unexciting Business is an infrastructure and tunnel construction company launched by eccentric and controversial serial entrepreneur Elon Musk. Amongst the merchandise it sells on its web site involves a flamethrower and protection add-ons these types of as gloves, propane tank refills, and in the circumstance of an crisis situation, a 5lb fireplace extinguisher.

All proceeds of the sales of the currently on-sale, $500 flamethrower, will go towards funding digging tunnels to residence Musk’s Hyperloop transportation technique.

Musk is infatuated with a lot of signifies of transportation, from underground tunnels operating less than Los Angeles, to energy-successful self-driving Telsa motorcars, to his bold Room X undertaking that could guide to the colonization of neighboring world Mars. Musk also commenced creating a miniature submarine in an attempt to save 12 Thai boys who ended up trapped in a cave back again in July.

Elon Musk Burning Bridges with SEC By means of Twitter, What Will Scambots Do?

Musk first announced the Flamethrower by means of his Twitter soapbox back again in December, a platform that has induced quite a stir for the Tesla and Room X founder. The quirky entrepreneur acquired himself into a world of trouble with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Fee (SEC) for tweeting in relation to his vehicle producing enterprise Tesla.

His tweets compelled Musk to have to settle with the SEC in court docket for $20 million in fines. The settlement also sees Musk stepping down as chairman of Tesla for three a long time, and involves a stipulation that all Elon Musk tweets have to be reviewed and authorised by a Musk-appointed attorney.

With Musk muzzled on the well-liked social media platform, Twitter scambots that generally pose as the Room X CEO to operate their “ETH giveaway” frauds may be out of luck.

In the fraud, scammers faux to be popular figures throughout different industries in an attempt to steal user’s cryptocurrencies in a plan that consists of sending a specified amount of cryptocurrency to an address in return for a much larger amount. Only the much larger amount is never despatched, and the scammers make off with investor’s assets.

Immediately after first praising the scambots for acquiring “mad expertise,” Musk hit his annoyance restrict and attained out to Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer very last thirty day period, imploring him to assistance maintain the fraud less than command. Nonetheless, now that Musk can no longer discuss freely on Twitter, and with the general public being aware of that Musk’s tweets are filtered by a attorney, the frequency of these scammers posing as Musk really should diminish around the coming weeks – even if Musk does now have some excess crypto laying all around from the sales of his flamethrower.

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