Whenever we have thought about what the weather will be like we always get an answer with some scope of probability and prediction. Our phones or our news tell us if it’d be cloudy or rainy today and we go about our daily lives but there are major sections of society that are hinged on accurate and in-detail weather knowledge such as agriculture, transportation, tourism, renewable energy etc.For them, guaranteed verifiable weather data information is an indispensable entity. A technology has to be put in place such that weather information could reach clients in a secure way and also could be local.

Such an upright venture is already in place working day and night towards its one objective: weather data commerce without any dysfunctionality. WeatherBlock is an organization which through the linkage between hardware, software and advanced blockchain technology is encrypting all weather data transfers. It assigns them digital signatures and coded keys which make them highly secure. It is also embedded with a peer-to-peer network whose availability makes data transfers all around the world possible. Next roadblock is the acquirement of local data. This was solved by the business partner of WeatherBlock.

BloomSky created an interwoven system of cameras with the weather cameras all around the world. This facilitated comparison of various version of the data belonging to the same place. BloomSky was created by crowdsourcing in 2014. Since then, it has come up with various technologies that make predicted weather forecast a surefire reality. These devices are all equipped with special BloomSky IoT connection system. This allows devices to communicate with each other. This gives an accurate perspective on local weather data. Local weather data is then detected, identified and consequently, precise images and data is delivered.

Internet of Things and blockchain can work in perfect harmony to create advanced market solutions for many developments. WeatherBlock and BloomSky have got it covered for weather data information. WeatherBlock focusses on hardware, software and blockchain part of the equation while BloomSky handles all the technological solutions to the theory and innovation of WeatherBlock. This creates an interesting opportunity for the organization to eliminate the “middleman” for the data transfer pipelining. The data will be uploaded, stored, controlled and verified resulting in recorded transactions over the Amazon Web Service (AWS). It can be accessed by BloomSky and WeatherBlock. A gateway called Nexus acts as a blockchain node to detect IoT sensors in the devices given by BloomSky.

Now whenever a contribution to weather data is made through the cameras of BloomSky, the blockchain mathematical algorithms give it a digital signature and encrypted key. This key is known to the contributor. The data is verified over the server by unanimous votes and then it is transferred to companies and organizations. This decentralized ecosystem thus created increases freedom of data sharing and transparency in an economic model. The time will surely come when drone-delivery becomes a household thing that we can appreciate through next-generation blockchain technology.



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