adRex is the innovative lead generation one-stop shop platform for launching effective online advertising campaigns and realizing digital marketing strategy in extremely quick time, providing quality lead generation by Artificial Intelligence. LeadRex platform is a complex system that includes many components integrated into a single ecosystem – module of digital advertising services, database of statistics and analytics, artificial intelligence, CRM system, blockchain technology and smart contracts. Visionary value of this project for the industry of online advertising and digital marketing is the progressive development of lead conversion and increase online sales for the B2B and B2C.


Anton Shripka
Oleg Tarasov
Alexander Melodiv
Xmen Vollwareen
  • Start Date May 21, 2018
  • End Date October 3, 2018
  • Token ERC20
  • Token Price 1 ETH = 16,200 LDX
  • Soft Cap 250 ETH
  • Hard Cap 10,700 ETH
  • Total Tokens 1 ETH = 2,000 LDX
  • Whitelist / Kyc yES
  • Restricted Area Singapore