In the cybernetic and digitalized world, where advancement of technology is growing at a great pace. There’s a new technology that is running from the longtime called AI tools. To bring out the transparency, reliability and avoiding disruption in the financial industry, it has become paramount for many of the companies working on Blockchain to keep a tap on the revolutionized tools and technology. Innovations led by technology-enabled platforms are disrupting the existing industry structures and complex eco-systems. Deep-Diving into the investment management landscape, key trends such as Robo-advisory, social trading and AI are shaping business models, consumer behaviour and the entire ecosystem. Many companies work on the technology called AI (Artificial Intelligence), not to freak you out but SIRI and Google run on AI tools that enables you to talk to them.

In the changing scenario, it has become important to adopt new technologies to stay on top. Likewise, a virtual equity trading platform, TrakInvest sits on the cusp of these emerging trends in social trading, Robo-advisory and AI. TrakInvest provides a marketplace for individual investors to share their investment ideas and earn fees for doing so. Individual investors learn and gain market insights from their peers based on their performance without any other agenda. TrackInvest has done a deep study on trading data and behavioral insights of 100,000+. TrakInvest proprietary algorithms churn this data to provide market insights and customized portfolio recommendations to individual investors. These recommendations improve over time as algorithms continuously incorporate and learn by accessing more and more data using machine learning tools. TrakInvest users access all these features on demand through easy-to-use, interactive interfaces over web, mobile and social media chat-bots.

Recommended engines of TrackInvest AI includes


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Ti Reputation Score

The information for the sentiment analysis will be retrieved from a blend of time-sensitive and query-able websites, for which web crawlers are written to derive share specific news, mandatory corporate disclosures, public discussion boards and twitter feed. This will be further supplemented by information mined internally from TI’s discussion boards to provide an asymmetric advantage in the development of the public sentiment. Once the textual information has been retrieved, it is then pre-processed for vectorization. Natural Language Processing and Machine learning tools will be used to deliver the final output.

The recommendations from the sentiment analysis engine will then be supplemented with a TI-STOCK score and a TI-TRADER score, which each provide a time-sensitive quantitative metric by which the traders and stocks can be ranked, specifically based on their performance within the TI platform.The Ti Score is a combination of the individual’s performance combined with the social “relevance” of that performance within the network.

Headquartered in Singapore and operating successfully across Asia for the past 3 years, TrakInvest is backed by a highly experienced management team and an advisory board. The senior management of the team has held leadership positions in leading firms including J. P. Morgan Partners, AIG, State Bank of India and ICICI Securities. The global advisory board is comprised of individuals and existing investors with strong global experience and exposure in technology, telecommunications, media, cryptocurrencies and financial services. They have held leadership positions in companies including Spotify, Siri, Summly, Bitcasa, Fixmo, Ginger, Desti, Magisto, Nexon and StudioX.

Trakinvest is raising USD 30 million through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the extension of the product. Details of this ICO project are available on


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